SPARKS BREWING - Prospector Farmhouse Ale

Malt Gladfield Pilsner 68% Gladfield Wheat 16%
Gladfield Vienna 16%  
Hops Motueka 4.0 IBU at 60 minutes  Motueka 2g/L Dry hop 4 days
Motueka 8.0 IBU at 0 minutes  Kohatu 2g/L Dry hop 4 days
Kohatu 7.9 IBU at 0 minutes  
yeast WY3726-PC Farmhouse Ale
yeast 1.048

This is our take on a New Zealand style farmhouse ale. To build on the unique, fruity character of the Belgian yeast we've selected Canterbury malts for their honey like sweetness and Nelson hops for their tropical gusto. The result is a super floral and slightly spicy ale with huge aromas of pineapple and lemon zest. The hops give way to the yeast's rustic funk and a tart finish leaves the palate dry.

Contains approx 1.2 standard drinks. Drink Responsibly.



This beer is all about putting a local spin on an old-world style. I wanted an easy drinking beer without much alcohol but packed full with enough interesting flavors and aromas to satisfy my brewers' lust.

Barley grown in the Canterbury plains is mashed, boiled with juicy Nelson hops and fermented with a private collection strain of Belgian yeast to produce a very complex summer ale. Farmhouse ales and beers like them are boisterous little numbers, closely related to a pale ale but with its very own hint of strange!

Tasting Notes

Appearance - Golden sunshine in a glass with a lively effervescence that holds up a centimeter of foam before dropping back to a thin lace.

Aroma - The yeasts involved kick off all sorts of fruity compounds, and mixed with New Zealand hops the senses are bombarded with tropical aromas of pineapple, lemon zest and peaches. There is no fruit in this beer, although you'd be forgiven for thinking that there was.

Taste - A big tropical fruit bowl thanks to the Motueka and Kohatu hops. The yeast has a nice tartness that further evokes pineapple and citrus. The bitterness is low and the vienna and wheat malt soon shine through with a subtle rustic doughiness followed by a honey like sweetness from the pilsner malt.

 Mouthfeel - Lively carbonation. The beer still has a balance of sweetness, tartness and bitterness that cleans the palate nicely without being overly dry.