Malt Gladfield Pale - 78.6% Bairds Chocolate - 5.9%
Barret Burston Roast Barley - 5.9%  Bairds Medium Crystal - 3.3%
Bairds Pale Chocolate - 2.4% Gladfield Medium Crystal - 1.5%
Weyermann Carafa Special II - 1.2% Bairds Dark Crystal - 1.2%
Hops 42.1 IBU Southern Cross at 60 minutes 3.2 IBU Kohatu at flameout
12.7 IBU NZ Styrian Goldings at flameout  
yeast US-05

 A dark and intensely roasty ale, with strong aromas of chocolate and coffee. The rich body is balanced with all New Zealand hops added late in the boil and a good layering of crystal malt leaves a hint of liquorice and an almost rum like quality to the finish.

Contains approx 1.9 standard drinks. Drink Responsibly. 

Drink fresh or cellar for up to two years.





We blend local New Zealand barley with British and German speciality malts to produce wort rich in fermentable sugars. The wort is boiled and dosed with a hefty amount of New Zealand Styrian Goldings and Kohatu hops. Next, it’s chilled and a healthy pitch of American ale yeast is added, ensuring a clean fermentation profile that doesn’t get in the way of the other ingredients. Careful attention is paid to the water makeup and adjusted accordingly. ‘Seasoning’ the water produces just the right minerality, which helps all the ingredients to shine through.

After fermentation is complete, the beer is given generous time to age and condition before being packaged and shipped to a chilled warehouse where it awaits distribution. This final attention to proper ageing and cold storage means the beer arrives to you in the best possible condition.


Unlike a lot of other beer styles an extra stout will age gracefully for a number of years if kept at cellar temperature. The higher alcohol and roasted malts protect the beer against oxidation and over time will transform the sweet molasses into flavours of plum, raisin and liquorice. Drink the beer fresh or hold on to it for years to come.


Appearance - Jet black with a thick tan head that persists with every sip.

Aroma - Rich chocolate fudge and roasted coffee on the nose, big earthy hop aromas mix into the fudge and create a very doughy, cake-like smell - like baked chocolate cake. No yeast character or esters, a clean roast.

Taste - Loads of roast and bitter sweet chocolate on the tongue. A balanced bitterness with just the right mineral profile to the water. Ever so slightly salty. Perfect!

Mouthfeel - Smooth carbonation, leaves the pallet dry and wanting more.