13 Oct 2014

Just a quick update with our first kegs on tap at The Lumsden in Auckland. Being where I am based this is a big milestone for me and I can't wait to wrap my mitts around a pint of our beer at my local.

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Its been…. 'interesting'  learning how to sell beer in Auckland. The bottle sales have been easier than I imagined and its the kegs which have taken some work to get across the bar.

Since our beer is brewed in the south island it only makes sense to have it stored and distributed from there as well. With so much competition in the market right now there are many bars in Auckland who choose to buy only from north island distributors or from mostly local brewers. Which is fair enough, its cheaper for them to do so because the freight is either free or not a lot. Its not an obstacle I imagined when I set out with samples in hand. But freight is a big concern for many bars, and it can be a deal breaker!

Fortunately not all bars are cut form the same cloth and if they are truly about variety and quality then its not a tough sell after they have had a glass of our beer. All obstacles aside, what really matters is the quality and more importantly peer reviews. with Liquorland in Forest Hill recently tweeting

So if you've tried our beer then speak up! Get yourself signed up to Untapped and share the experience.

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18 Sep 2014

Sparks Frontier BrochurePressPass v0.01 1

Sparks Frontier BrochurePressPass Download v0.01


This is Rainer from Pukekohe Service Print Ltd. working on some brochures for us. He's a meticulous workaholic from what I can tell. A perfectionist and bloody legend for turning our work around even when we demand it today and aren't ordering thousands of units at a time. Thats not something you find very often with a printer and its very much appreciated! Thanks Rainer!!

22 Aug 2014

20140820 SparksBrewing AdhesifPressPass

I must admit, I really underestimated this end of the deal. The amount of work involved to visually communicate your business and ideas is definitely not to be taken lightly and I wouldn't have gotten this far if it wasn't for the immensely talented team at Lightbox Creative. They have quite literally worked tirelessly for weeks and months fielding my vague questions and uneducated assumptions on the entire design process behind Sparks Brewing. There's a few blog posts needed to cover this topic but for now I thought Id just post a few shots of our labels coming off the press with the great team at Adhesif. These machines rival bottling lines in terms of complexity and scale, the way they cut and add layers as a blur of colours unfolds before you. Art meets science. People and machines..... I can appreciate that!

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