I started home brewing with an ‘all in one’ kit, a birthday gift from my wife. I had no idea what I was doing but was excited to learn something new, and by the prospect of making my own alcohol to share with friends and family. The resulting beer was awful - terrible, even - but I didn’t care. The bug had bitten me and it wasn’t ever letting go. Convinced that I did everything right and the kit was to blame (it wasn’t) I proceeded directly to brewing with grains and delving into the art and science of wort production. Using an esky for the mash and a cheap pot to boil the wort, I set about trying to re-create some of the great beers I was beginning to discover from all over the world. I used this system for a number of years and even won my first gold medal at the national home-brew competition using this simple setup. Since then I’ve progressed to an all electric 50L system that I’ve built as per the instructions at The Electric Brewery

Spending hours in traffic as I tool along the main highway to my day job as a sound engineer for a post production facility. I spend every ’wasted’ hour listening to podcasts from the Brewing Network and whatever science and microbiology papers I can get my hands on. After years of this you start to think of beer in an obsessive kind of way. You start to plan and build recipes while on the go, your mind drifts in and out of a fermented delirium. At that point its time to either give it up, or give it a go!

I expect to keep blogging on a regular basis. Everything from wild fermentations, outrageous hopping of all kinds and the art and skill of using a commercial system to brew beer. I hope this medium inspires others to do the same. I’ve taken so much inspiration from the likes of The Mad Fermentationist and through my friends and local home brewers this is my way of saying thank you and giving something back.