11 Jun 2019

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Earlier last month I was greeted with the fantastic news that our collaboration with Epic Brewing Company won a gold and top spot at the New World Beer & Cider Awards. This is a coveted competition in our industry as it guarantees ranging of your product in hundreds of Foodstuffs stores. Its been great to see the media hype surrounding the competition and always nice to hear form fans up and down the country about how much they enjoy our beers. This beer started out as my Outlander recipe which we doubled and Luke (owner and brewer at Epic) tweaked it a little, upping the alcohol and making it, well. Epic. Now into its second vintage this is a beer that will age for many many years and I couldn't be prouder of it! Grab all the bottles off the shelf if you find some as we only make it once a year.

09 Jul 2018

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On a whim I decided to brew a very small stout last month. Clocking in at 3.6% alc./vol its a teeny, tiny stout, or a 'micro stout'. Its actually a recipe I have made before, it picked up the peoples choice award at The Brothers Session Beer Challenge last year in February 2017 under the name Social Reality. Ive tweaked the recipe slightly to get more roast into the beer and re-launched it as a part of our Repetition series. Ive been looking for all of the character of Outlander without the booze and it definitely smells and tastes within that realm. Brewing session beers is always a challenge and you often have to compromise on something to get the balance that is so desired. Leaving the booze out of a stout means that you don't get any of those rum like qualities that come from a combination of rich crystal malt, roast and alcohol. What we are left with however is a highly sessionable stout with a lovely cold brew coffee and chocolate character. Despite the residual body the beer is dry, moreish and punches well above its weight thanks to the outrageous amount of specialty malt at 40% of the total grist!!!!!

We are releasing the beer this Friday the 13th at Vultures Lane in Auckland and it will also be a part of the New Zealand Stout Challenge Hosted by Moon Under Water and Punky Brewster Craft Beer Fillery also on the same date.

As with each iteration from our Repetition series, kegs are limited so get in touch with our Distributors to secure yourself a keg before its gone.

For North Island Inquiries

  • orders@beertique.co.nz

For South Island Inquiries

  • orders@punkydistro.com



24 Jul 2017

2017 Sparks Repitition FB v3.00

Brewing great beer is rarely a case of happy accidents. Like any culinary discipline the more you do something, the better. This new series of beers is a result of our relentless quest for balance.

Repetition can itself be a form of change, each release will be a different style but all with the same premise; balanced and low strength beer thats highly drinkable. The first release is what we consider a classic session ale. Its 4% ABV is held up with a biscuity malt base, a high mash temperature ensures enough dextrine's are left behind to hold the beer together. An english yeast adds a subtle complexity to the Vienna and crystal malts and a very delicate dose of Mosaic and Citra lend a light citrusy finish. Its a quenching and balanced ale who’s complexity lies in the space created by subtlety.

 Have two, or three and enjoy the benefits of still being able to work your phone!

 A nationwide release will be underway on the 4th of August so head down to your local craft beer corner and grab a glass

Repetition - Classic Session Ale

O.G. 1.051

ABV 4.0%


80% Gladfield American Ale 
10% Gladfield Vienna
10% Gladfield Light Crystal

Mash at 70deg C

3.6 IBU Mosaic at 60 minutes

Yeast nutrients and Koppafloc at 10 minutes

13.4 IBU Mosaic at whirlpool
13.7 IBU Citra at whirlpool

Ferment with S-04 (or any other English strain). 

At about 1.025 add the dry hops
1g/L Mosaic Dry Hop 7 days
1g/L Citra Dry Hop 7 days

Force carbonate at 15PSI for 7 days. 

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