Split Batch Saison and Extra Pale Ale
11 Nov 2015

One of the enjoyable things about making small batches of beer is being able to split the wort and try different ingredients. Its often difficult to discern what a certain ingredient does to a beer until you have something else to compare it too. For this batch I brewed 50L of a standard pale ale wort and the only thing I changed was the yeast. US-05 for the pale ale and Wy3726 for the Saison. The results are really interesting as the beers taste so different on so many levels. There are the obvious esters form the Farmhouse yeast however the hop aromatics are what really surprised me. Wy3726 has taken the hop compounds and transformed them into something quite different. Rather than the straight up citrus and pine which I get form the pale ale, the saison shows off a big tropical nose and you'd be forgiven for thinking that more exotic American hops were in the mix. This difference is down to what we call bio-transformation. Where by the yeast an an alcohol molecule here and and acid there and literally transform the aroma compounds from the hops into something totally new

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