Repetition - Classic Session Ale
24 Jul 2017

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Brewing great beer is rarely a case of happy accidents. Like any culinary discipline the more you do something, the better. This new series of beers is a result of our relentless quest for balance.

Repetition can itself be a form of change, each release will be a different style but all with the same premise; balanced and low strength beer thats highly drinkable. The first release is what we consider a classic session ale. Its 4% ABV is held up with a biscuity malt base, a high mash temperature ensures enough dextrine's are left behind to hold the beer together. An english yeast adds a subtle complexity to the Vienna and crystal malts and a very delicate dose of Mosaic and Citra lend a light citrusy finish. Its a quenching and balanced ale who’s complexity lies in the space created by subtlety.

 Have two, or three and enjoy the benefits of still being able to work your phone!

 A nationwide release will be underway on the 4th of August so head down to your local craft beer corner and grab a glass

Repetition - Classic Session Ale

O.G. 1.051

ABV 4.0%


80% Gladfield American Ale 
10% Gladfield Vienna
10% Gladfield Light Crystal

Mash at 70deg C

3.6 IBU Mosaic at 60 minutes

Yeast nutrients and Koppafloc at 10 minutes

13.4 IBU Mosaic at whirlpool
13.7 IBU Citra at whirlpool

Ferment with S-04 (or any other English strain). 

At about 1.025 add the dry hops
1g/L Mosaic Dry Hop 7 days
1g/L Citra Dry Hop 7 days

Force carbonate at 15PSI for 7 days. 

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