Shiny Things
23 Apr 2014


One thing you won't find in a home brewers corner of the house is a lack of equipment! Hoses valves gaskets tools for every part imaginable….. We love our gear!

I recently picked up a great little time saver from Williams Brewing in the US. This is a .5 micron sintered stainless steel stone with a few mods that aren't available from anywhere else (as far as I'm aware). 

The addition of a half inch FPT thread and a hose barb means you can easily pop it into a tee section and oxygenate your wort on route to the fermenter. Its very well machined and worth every single penny. At $16.99 its a bargain! I know More Beer sell a similar fitting but its not a half inch thread which makes it a little trickier for my purposes (but perhaps better for others who wish to stick with mfl fittings). 

Such cheap fittings are a real luxury and its demand from the greater homebrew community the world over (but particularly in the US) that we have to thank!

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